2021 U2F2 Holiday Ball

Get ready for a night of elegance and decadence, the 2021 U2F2 Furry Holiday party is upon us!

The theme of this years’ holiday party is…

Furry Ball Furry Formal

That’s right! That excuse you’ve been looking for to dress up in your best frocks is here! Dress up formal, dress up furry, or maybe even show us a combination of both!

Don’t have any formal wear? No worries, just be yourself! We will always maintain that the U2F2 community is a completely judgement free environment and we want everybody to have fun, first and foremost!

Party Details

When: Friday, December 17 (doors open at 6pm – event concludes between 10-11pm)

Where: Sugar Space Arts Warehouse – 132 S 800 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Attire: Formal, fursuits, masks/masquerade, or a combination! Attendees are also welcome to dress in whatever their wardrobe permits.

Cost: $10 per person (this helps the organizers to cover the rental of the space, provisions, and amenities)

Organizers: The U2F2 Admins, ChronoWolf, BluEmeryWolf, and ZariasDragon.

Paying for your ticket:

We most certainly prefer everybody to pre-purchase their tickets here on the U2F2 website beforehand. 

We will also be accepting payments at the door, where correct cash is preferred. We cannot guarantee change for anything other than correct cash. We will also aim to also accept credit cards at the door (there will be a 50c surcharge for credit card transactions at the door, for a total ticket price of $10.50), but cannot guarantee this form of payment. So please do your best to purchase your tickets in advance using the BOOK NOW button below!

Book Now Button

The event is open to all ages, however, anybody under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult, parent, or guardian.

Food and Events


There will be music and dancing on a dedicated dance floor space, with a combination of both contemporary music and traditional pieces befitting of the theme throughout the evening.


Please bring a food item and/or drink items to share for our potluck.

There will be a potluck for food, so please bring a food or drink items to share with everybody! In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we encourage anybody who plans to prepare and bring food to please exercise clean and sanitary habits when preparing and handling food.

Please let us know what you plan to bring by filling out this potluck form.

Dance Comp:

We will be hosting a dance competition, so if you have a routine or some moves prepared, please fill out THIS FORM in order to participate. We will only be hosting a maximum of 6 performances for the dance comp, so we encourage anybody who wants to enter to submit fast!


We will be raffling off various items, from furry clothing/outfit accessories, to art, art commission slots, and more! Raffle tickets will cost:

  • $2 per ticket
  • 6 tickets for $10
  • 12 tickets for $20

We also want to put a call out to anybody willing to donate items for the raffle! If you would like to donate items to be given away, DM @Zarias_Dragon@ChronoWolf, or @BluEmeryWolf on Telegram! You may also show up to the event with any items you would like to give away in the raffle, but please also provide a brief description of your item when you do!

Covid Rules

This event will require masks to be worn, and this mandate will be enforced. We understand during eating, people may need to remove their masks temporarily. But during socialization, attendees will need to be wearing proper masks at all times. Using fursuit heads or masquerade masks as COVID masks will NOT be accepted. You are, however, welcome to dress up over the top of your proper masks with decorative masks or fursuit heads!

At this time, we will not require proof of vaccination, but anybody who shows up without a proper mask will be turned away at the door, and anybody who refuses to exercise responsible mask-wearing throughout the course of the event will be expelled from the event. We will NOT offer refunds to anybody who breaks these rules.

How is the money raised at the event being used?

We want to be 100% transparent when it comes to how the funds from this event are being used. The vast majority of both the entry fee and raffle ticket funds are going towards the rental of the space, in addition to providing provisions and amenities (plates, silverware, napkins, tablecloths, decorations, etc). If there are any surplus funds from the event, we put those funds aside and use them in the organization and planning of future U2F2 events that also require booking fees or provisions to host. All funds go directly back into the U2F2 community and associated events.

Event Detail

December 17, 2021 6:00 pm
December 17, 2021 10:00 pm