Crystal Hot Springs (February)

Hey everybody Remember our Bonfire meetups all summer!? Miss them already!?

But do not despair sweet fluffy, scalie and feathery folk we have a fun cold-weather alternative for you to take advantage of! This cold season we’re going to replace our beloved warm and cozy fire with hot and soothing SPRING WATER.

That’s right folks, Last year we had not one, but TWO Hot Springs trips. They were so well received we’re gonna have one Every Month until February!

Same place as before, We’re tripping up to Crystal Hot Springs in Honeyville, Utah.

Prices are as follows:
Adult – $9.00
Senior Citizens – $7.00
Children (Ages 3-12) – $7.00
Ages 2 and under (Swimmer diapers are required if 2 or under, by law.) – Free

Please be sure to bring WARM CLOTHING. It’s still cold! Especially after you get out of the springs. That’ll freeze your tail RIGHT off!

Also bring Towel, Deodorant, and Soap for a quick Rinse off as you leave!

Event Detail

February 16, 2019 4:00 pm
February 16, 2019 11:00 pm