Events are starting up again this month!

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Hello Utah Furs! We have some excellent news. We are ready to recommence social events. This article provides information about what social events we will be starting up again, and what to expect over the next few months as we get back into the swing of things.

Weekly events

I know some of you have expressed a desire to get back to our weekly events, like game night and coffee night. The reason why we have waited until now to recommence social events has been a matter of courtesy to the venues. In light of many establishments’ updated rules when it comes to both patronage and hours, we wanted to ensure each venue is fully aware of our desire to return to hosting social events in their establishments. Simply showing up with a large group all of a sudden may catch some of these venues by surprise, especially when many are dealing with short-staffing issues. We wanted to take the opportunity to have a discussion with each of the venue owners to ensure everybody understands and appreciates their requirements.

There is a right way to approach recommencing events at the regular places, and we want to make sure we don’t inundate venues with unexpected numbers they are not yet equipped to deal with. Some venues have even made adjustments to their own regularly scheduled events, so we need to work closely with them to find suitable times to accommodate our community members. We are still in the process of talking to Game Haven, Watchtower Cafe, and Good Move Cafe to ensure all venues are ready and willing to accept our groups back for regular weekly events. As soon as each venue signs off, we will commence posting the events on our website schedule!

When we do recommence weekly events, we encourage all attendees to support their local establishments as much as they can. This means: buy drinks, food, and anything you can to help support these businesses. Many are still hurting from the pandemic and are dealing with a staff shortages, and could really use our community assistance and spirit!

Fluff Party is already back in full swing!

Last month we had our very first Fluff Party back at Club Try-Angles and it was a blast! So many showed up, and it was great catching up with friends! The next fluff party is happening on Friday July 23rd. Remember, this event is 21+ only, but you can bring your fursuits (there is a headless lounge!)

Keep an eye out here on the website as the events are added to the schedule over the next few days.

Special events

The U2F2 admin team has discussed what the next series of special events will be. We have already bookmarked August for a potluck event, as well as the recommencement of our quarterly meetings which allow community members to suggest events to the admin team. We are also exploring another visit to Antelope Island, and discussing what to do for our annual end-of-year celebration, but rest assured we already have some fantastic ideas to make 2021’s event extra special!

There is also FanX happening in September, so look forward to U2F2 specific community events in and around FanX!

Events still on hold

While we make a return to regular events and special events, there are some events that will remain on hold for the rest of 2021.

Bowling Meets – These will recommence in 2022, both out of an abundance of caution and as a courtesy to those venues.

Bonfire meets – There are currently open fire restrictions in effect across the state of Utah. In observance of these restrictions, we will not be organizing any bonfire meets for 2021. But, it appears hot-springs are still bubbling so expect to see those show up in winter!

The slow return to normal

Even though most of us may be vaccinated we wanted to encourage community members to remain vigilant, courteous, and respectful to other members of the group and the venues and business owners. Please observe the rules of each venue you are attending, and also respect other members’ personal space. I know folks can’t wait to hug their friends, but many members may still want to remain cautious and distant, to please be sure to request consent before getting up-close and personal with members you have not seen in a while.

That’s all for now. Keep an eye out over the coming days, and as always, in addition to the website, find us on Twitter and Facebook!