U2F2 Elections

U2F2 Admin Group News

As Oaken Fox and Tatsu Kimiero’s terms are up this February, we will be holding elections for a new admin starting Monday, January 14th. This admin’s term will last from February 2019 – February 2021 and will work together with Pom and ChronoWolf as the third admin to help run the group. This group has been growing and changing at a rapid rate, and we will need an admin to fill the shoes of the ones coming out and boy are the big shoes to fill. They have been an integral part of this community’s growth, and the new admin will need to continue perpetuating that growth.

Election Schedule

  • January 14th: Nominations phase; nominate who you want as admin
  • January 21st: Opening statements; nominees will introduce themselves and tell the rest of us what qualities they would bring as admin. At the same time the community will submit questions to the google form to ask the nominees.
  • January 28th: Question phase; questions submitted by the community are presented to the nominees to answer.
  • February 4th: Election phase; the poll is posted and the community votes for a nominee
  • February 11th: The new admin is announced.

What does an admin do?

  • They create events and use the platforms Facebook, Meetup, Telegram, and Utahfurs.org to post and publicize events.
  • Attend the events they create. At least one admin needs to be present for any of the official events.
  • Post and publicize the events submitted by other members.
  • Planning and discussing locations for events and contacting said locations to set up an event if necessary.
  • Monitor and maintain the Facebook, Meetup, Telegram, and website; including accepting new members, informing of rules and making sure rules are being followed.
  • Settling disputes and assisting with solutions for disputes between members that arise at U2F2 events or on any of the pages.
  • Posting updates on events and other important information going on in the community.

What qualities are needed in an admin?

  • You will NEED a Facebook, Meetup and Telegram account (all of which can be easily created).
  • Good organization, with a willingness to keep on top of upcoming events.
  • Clear communication among admins and other members
  • Willingness to speak up in a crowd when giving announcements and willingness to approach members to welcome, discus or discipline.
  • Having availability to attend meets.
  • Tough skin to give and receive criticism.
  • Proactive attitude and willing to jump in where ever needed to start or help a project.

Remember, being an admin is a volunteer position. None of us are getting paid to do this. Being an admin is creating and running events and pages primarily, and keeping order secondary. We are not kings, we are not gods, we are not rulers. We are organizers; servants to the community.

If you have any questions about the election, feel free to post them here or PM one of the admins on Telegram.

Update (January 14th, 2019)

The U2F2 elections have officially begun. We start with nominations. Here is how nominations work.

  1. Nominations are done with a comment on this post on Facebook, if you cannot see the post, it is because you are not in the Facebook group, but can join at request:
    Every nominee needs someone to nominate them and someone else to second them. The one being nominated can then accept or decline. An example of this would be:Fox: “I nominate Jess Squirrel”
    Wolf: “I second it”
    Jess Squirrel: “I accept”
  2. You cannot nominate yourself.
  3. Each person can nominate 1 person and second 1 person.
  4. A nominee needs only a nomination and a second. No more, no less. Thirds are unnecessary and fourths are out right!
  5. Seconds and acceptance/decline, please reply to the comment of the nominator, as opposed to replying to the post.
  6. Any comments that are not a nomination/second/accept/decline OR a clarifying question will be DELETED.

Nominations will close on January 20th at 11:59pm, where we will start opening statements and the collecting of questions. Any nominations after this time will be disregarded.

If you are not on Facebook and would like to nominate someone, message PomPumaDragon (on Telegram).