U2F2 event changes, amid COVID-19 Concerns.

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Hello, fellow Utah furs.

Considering what is happening in the headlines regarding COVID-19, we felt it would be prudent to address our community, much to the same effect that other social groups and institutions have been doing in recent days.

Whether you believe the COVID-19 situation is genuinely concerning, or overhyped, it would be highly irresponsible to ignore the legitimate concern which is present for many people within this country and the world. As such, we would like to encourage our community members to be hyper-vigilant when it comes to attending meets and events.

In addition to the many steps and recommendations you have already seen in the news and online (such as practicing good personal hygiene), we would also like folks to be cognizant of, and respectful towards people’s personal space. If a community member is taking their own personal steps to protect themselves or distance themselves or others, please do no mock them or make light of their concerns. Everybody deals with situations differently and could be in a health category that renders them more susceptible to illnesses. Regardless of how we choose to address this situation, we should always remain respectful and civil towards others.

If you are feeling ill or sick, we also encourage you to avoid attending meets as a precaution and out of respect for others. We understand many community members’ desire to attend meets and know it is difficult to miss out, especially for planned events folks maybe have been looking forward to. However, it is extremely irresponsible to gamble with the health and safety of others if you plan to attend meets despite feeling ill.

The current situation will be having an impact on our community events. So we went ahead and reached out to, and worked with those establishments to provide you with an update and how it affects U2F2 sanctioned events.

Watchtower – Social Night (Wednesdays)

Effective immediately, they are no longer accepting groups or gatherings. They are doing take-out orders only. Their hours have also been adjusted and will be open in the mornings until 1 pm only. You are welcome to continue to support them to get take-out coffee and purchase coffee to brew at home, but the social nights at Watchtower on Wednesdays in canceled until further notice.

Mestizo – Art Jam (Fridays)

Similar situation to Watchtower. They are no longer accepting groups or gatherings. They are doing take-out orders only. Hours will vary. Art Jam on Fridays is canceled until further notice.

Game Haven – Game Night (Thursdays)

Game haven is currently playing it by ear… they said they aren’t explicitly canceling any events, but many of their other social groups are canceling on their own accord. We will follow suit and cancel game nights at Game Haven game night on Wednesdays until further notice.

Good Move – Game Night (Mondays)

They are currently allowing people to dine in, although they are tracking things closely and making decisions on a daily basis. They will communicate out if/when that approach changes. For safety, we will exercise the same actions we are for our other weekly events and will be canceling game night at Good Move on Mondays until further notice.

Other Events

Further to the above, we are reaching out to the organizers of the community organized events and advising they follow suit.

We are also taking action and will be suspending any and all U2F2 scanned social events until further notice as a precaution. Many of our events risk breaching the 10 person limit which is being applied to establishments across the county.

We thank you for understanding, and stay safe!