U2F2 Panel – Money Management by Oaken

Money Management Panel Panels

Learn how to manage your money by watching the first U2F2 Panel hosted by Oaken on Money Management on our YouTube channel:

Panel Summary:

In this U2F2 Panel, Oaken discusses the importance of money management.  Oaken helps to understand what money actually… is.  Money is the time you sacrifice in exchange for currency.  A great way to manage your money is by using online apps like Mint or software like Quicken.  These apps take out the hassle of managing your money by organizing your expenses and putting them into buckets for your budget.  Apps like Mint will notify you when you are close to exceeding your budget for the month on anyone the categories you track.  Understanding where your money is being spent will allow you to save more money, spend money more consciously and intelligently which will allow you to get out of debt, raise your credit rating, and invest in your future.  The panel also goes into ways to invest your money to make it work for you.

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