Utah FurBowl launches dedicated website!

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Now that I have your attention… I wanted to announce that the new Utah FurBowl website is officially live! And with this, registration for the December 1st (Sunday) event is now OPEN with the ability to prepay for the event either as a Bowler or just a General Attendee, whether that be via PayPal, credit/debit card, or simply by cash at the venue!

The inaugural meet this month was a massive hit with around 45-50 attendees in total, and I’m hoping that it will only grow with time! This next time around, bowlers will now be playing 2 games with the added pizza/soda bar available to all registered attendees, and prices for both Bowler and General Attendee packages have been adjusted to accommodate these changes.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Your order confirmation email with the order number is required for check-in at the FurBowl, so make sure the email you provide is accurate so you can keep it on hand!

Event postings will be released as we get closer to December 1st, but for those that are planning to be a part of this amazing event, be sure to check out the website below and REGISTER! As always, any questions can be directed to @BluEmeryWolf.

Hope to see you all there!!

Utah FurBowl dedicated website: https://utahfurbowl.com