Welcome to the U2F2 Website

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Hello my fellow Utah furs, it’s ChronoWolf here. We’re finally online and proud to present to you the brand new U2F2 community website!

A lot of work has gone into creating this unified central hub for all things furry in the Greater Salt Lake area, and we hope that it helps bring you closer to this wonderful social group. The goal of the new U2F2 website has been to act as the beating heart of our community, centralizing the most important information about all the happenings in our group and put them on one website. Need to find out when the next event is? It’s here! Want to keep an eye on all our social media posts? It’s here! Want to find out where you can commission wonderfully talented local artists? It will be here! It’s ALL going to be HERE!

The website is still a work-in-progress and we have many cool features still in the works. See below for a full list of what is currently available and what is planned…

Features now available include:

  • Events Organizer and categories
  • Events Calendar
  • Event profiles and detailed info
  • Venue profiles and detailed info
  • Social media feed (pulling data in from Facebook and Twitter)
  • Your admins – profile and contact information
  • Blog/News
  • FAQ section (growing)
  • Downloads and Forms
  • and more…

Features we plan on having in the near future:

  • Dealers Den and Creative Contributor Pages — We are going to try and give dealers and creators their own profiles and pages to showcase and maybe sell their content via the website.
  • Content Creator Directory — A directory of local fursuit makers, artists, and creators.
  • Online Workshops, Panels, and Live Streaming Hub — A place where users can host their own panels, how-to guides, and workshops. Either via pages, uploaded videos or embedded live streams.
  • Store — For some upcoming content and swag we have in the works.

In the meantime, please enjoy everything this new site has to offer, and we’re super excited to bring more exciting features to the site soon!

Take care!