We’re almost ready for social events again!

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Hello members of U2F2,

With the distribution of vaccines and the amount of cases in Utah decreasing, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about when we might be resuming U2F2 activities. We have been keeping a cautious eye on the situation, since the lives of our members are important to us. At this time, we are currently looking at resuming some form of activity in June.

Since it will be summer, and in an effort to continue promoting the safety of our members, we will be looking into outdoor venues for our events. More details on specifics will be forthcoming. We will require that all attendees of these events be diligent in practicing the best safety standards possible, including social distancing and the wearing of masks, to best show your respect and care for your fellow members.

We look forward to getting to see you all again and appreciate your patience during these unusual times.

Stay fuzzy,
U2F2 Adminship