U2F2 Admin Pom


U2F2 Admin

Hi, I’m Pom the Puma-Dragon, admin since September 2017. I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada with a theatre heavy background in a very theatrical family, then moved to Utah in 2010 to go to college at the University of Utah. Since then, I have worked at haunted houses and Swedish furniture stores and am currently a Tailor with Nordstrom.

I joined the fandom in 2009 immediately after finding out about its existence; it was something that instantly clicked with me. My original fursona was a fox and I was known as Foxfyre Recluse to some online. I found out about U2F2 through Fan X back in March 2016 and joined shortly after. Later that year in November, I had bought the fursuit of Pom to create and incorporated the character as my own.

As an admin, I feel that I am best at keeping everything organized and keeping the machine well oiled. I try to keep everything maintained and make sure that it all runs smoothly. I also pride myself in keeping a neutral ground in any kind of conflict, allowing myself to understand everyone through as many perspectives as possible. I hope to provide the expectation and framework for how a group in the community should be run.

Best ways to contact me are via Telegram, Facebook and Twitter.