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Important changes to U2F2 events!

U2F2 regular, sanctioned and community events have been cancelled for the immediate future. Please read this article for more information.

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Blu Emery

Blu Emery

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U2F2 Admin

Looking for personal help?

The “help” page aims to provide help and assistance, as well as valuable resources, media, and content to help furs who are suffering from anxiety, depression, isolation or any other issues preventing them from achieving happiness.

If you are suffering, or know somebody who is, this is a great page to visit or point a friend to in a time of need. Click the button below to visit.


You can find things here

Of course! Furs and non furs alike are welcome to attend any U2F2 event. Although, some events are 21+, most events are open to all ages.

This depends on the arrangement we have with the venue. Most times this is OK, but it’s best to check each event page here on the website to be certain.

Most social meets are free to participate and attend unless stated otherwise in the event page. However, some locations have a small cover charge. We also encourage attendees to support their venues (like coffee shops) by purchasing a drink, because without them we would not have wonderful places to host our events!

Excellent, we have a form just for you! Simply go HERE and fill out the event request form and our admin team will review your event, and hopefully help you get it off the ground!

The U2F2 admins are always available to address community concerns. Click HERE to meet them and find out how to get in touch!

Glad you asked! VOX wrote a fantastic article that goes into what it means to be a “Furry” HERE. Enjoy the read!

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Our contact page contains information on how to get in touch with U2F2 organizers, as well as information on how to access other important community  resources…