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This is the first place you should start to keep up-to-date on all furry events happening in Utah!

Fluff Party Chat (Chat 18+; Event 21+)
Chat for the monthly Fluff Party event

Utah Furs Meetups
Chat to discuss meetups and events

Special Interest Groups


The groups below are community managed and not directly affiliated with U2F2.

Click the titles to join channels.

Utah Furs General Chat
500+ members – Connected to U2F2 but independently managed

SLC Game Night
Chat for the weekly SLC Game Night

Utah Video Game Furs
Chat for video game discussion

Local fitness and health discussion

Utah’s own regular furry bowling meet, announcement channel

Furs in the Kitchen
Chat for foodie and cooking furs

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U2F2 Facebook Group
Open discussion

U2F2 Facebook Page
Announcements and Events

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Event videos, panels, tutorials, etc.

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Online Game Servers

Meet up online to play Minecraft, Ark: Survival Evolved, and/or Conan Exiles.

The game servers which have been set up are new and exclusive to U2F2 members (plus friends and family), thanks to Tradjen! All games have some extent of cross-compatibility, so playing with others will be as accessible as possible and will require some form of membership authentication. (Xbox, Steam, Epic, PlayStation, etc.)

Ark (Fjordur) and Conan Exiles can be found on Steam and Epic Games, with Minecraft available on all platforms it’s been released on, including tablets.

Server Rules:

  • Ages: 16+
  • No NSFW content
  • Please be respectful and courteous of other members and players
  • Do not harass other members or players- a zero tolerance policy will be observed for harassment and hateful behavior, including but not limited to: racism, bigotry, sexism, etc.
  • This space is intended to be a fun and safe place. Any individual(s) found to be violating the rules will be removed from the servers.

Tradjen (Carl Rossi)

Additional Details:
For additional information and assistance, please contact Tradjen on Telegram: @tradjen

U2F2 Community Event Submission Form

Want to host your own meet? Submit your idea here!

Once you have submitted your events idea/suggestion, it will be reviewed by the U2F2 admins. If approved, our team will help you spread the word!