About Us


The U2F2 is a conglomeration of its predecessors, The Utah Furry Fandom (UFF) and Utah Furries (UF) groups that were prevalent on Facebook and Yahoo Groups pre-2014.

At the end of 2014, The administration of the two groups pulled them together into what we now know as the United Utah Furry Fandom (U2F2). Since then, the furry population in Utah has absolutely exploded! New furries crawl out of the woodwork and join us in frequent monthly and weekly meetups designed to help others get to know each other and encourage a good time all around.

Since another boom in 2016, Local furries and visitors alike participate in a vast array of events, which include: Weekly game nights, fitness activities, art jams, adventure excursions, hiking activities, monthly bar and club nights, and other events planned and hosted by members and administration all around the valley and sometimes further.


U2F2 prides itself on being one of the most active and open furry communities in the United States, opening its arms (ahem, paws) to some of the most imaginative, passionate and creatively driven members.

It’s a diverse community containing a plethora of artists, fursuit makers, musicians, performers, and other creative sparks coming from all lifestyles, ages, and cultures.

We encourage people from all walks of life (and not just furries) to join us in the participation and creation of furry merriment and things can only get better moving forward! We hope this site guides you to us should you choose to follow the fur!

Note: U2F2 is and its organizers are not affiliated with the Utah Furs Telegram chat group, although the group is often used as the primary communication hub for Utah local furries as a whole.

Community rules and guidelines

It is recommended that all prospective and current members review the U2F2 community rules and guidelines. These guidelines help ensure a safe environment for all community members.

Game Night Group Photo