Getting Help

Getting help

Various resources to help you through tough situations
Another Dream by Pyttis
Another Dream by Pyttis (click image for link).

The furry community is extremely diverse, with a vast range of ages,  personalities, sexualities and cultural origins. Being a part of this community means belonging to something special. But everybody is different, and it’s the differences which make us special.

It’s not uncommon that many members can suffer isolation, depression or loneliness. We are all brought together by what makes us individuals, but for all the quirks we have, it’s important to remember that none of us are alone.

Our community is built upon the conventionally uncommon, the quirky, the misfits. We’re here because we all would like to embrace our curiosities, not hide from them. And the one thing we’ve been able to find in this world, despite our cute and curious ways, is each other.

Utah is also unique from other US states. The LDS Church can present our members with unique challenges, especially when it comes to the topic of sexuality, and fitting in. Sometimes the expectations placed on us by institutions or our families can be overwhelming. Especially when they cause us to question ourselves, or sometimes feel ashamed of who we are. But, regardless: you are not alone. You’re not alone in your struggle, and you’re not alone in your community.

This page serves as a resource center, not only to aid you in finding the help you need, but to share with you articles, videos, and other useful material to help you realize that you are special.

You are somebody. If ever you feel like a nobody, remember: Nobody is perfect… and so if you’re a “nobody” then you’re already perfect… just the way you are.

Help and Crisis Lines

Suicide Prevention and Behavioral Help

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

UNI Statewide (Utah) Crisis Line

LGBTQ+ Support

Help, counselling and support

Utah Pride Center Counselling

Coming home to Mormonism and to Self
(includes brochure download)

Media and Resources

Videos, articles and various media to help our community

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