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Furfit Exercise Routine

Now that it’s winter, a lot of people have asked for a copy of the Furfit exercise routine so that they may practice at home in their own time so they can maintain their regime until the event starts up again for the summer. So here it is!

U2F2 Admin Group News

U2F2 Elections

As Oaken Fox and Tatsu Kimiero’s terms are up this February, we will be holding elections for a new admin starting Monday, January 14th. This admin’s term will last from February 2019 – February 2021 and will work together with Pom and ChronoWolf as the third admin to help run the group.

Pride Center with U2F2 News

U2F2 2018 Holiday Party

U2F2 hosted the annual furry Holiday Party on Dec 7th.  Official attendance was 117 Utah furries at the event. Thank you to all who attended and donated money to the Utah Pride Center.  Together, we raised $1,449.12 for the Pride Center! 

Dog in Business Suit Blog

Get off your fuzzbutts!

Get off your fuzzbutts! Today’s article will look into career development, and how you can become motivated to take the initiative and start developing a solid career. The furry fandom is a very diverse melting pot of cultures and careers. While a large number of furs can be found in the retail sector, there are […]