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Liability Waiver

This liability waiver is designed to protect you and U2F2 (and its associated organizers) against any liability resulting from the misuse of venues, their associated equipment, and treatment of patrons/participants. It ensures each individual attending a U2F2 event is responsible for their own actions and behavior and U2F2 and its organizers are not responsible for any consequences that result from the direct or indirect actions of any individual.

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Parental Consent

This consent form is for U2F2 attendees who are between the ages of 16 and 18. We require that all attendees willing to participate in U2F2 events who are within this age group seek parental consent before attending.

About ID and Notaries:

We require that a U2F2 admin or event organizer witness the signing of this consent form by both the attendee and the parental guardian to sign off on the content. If you cannot bring your parent or guardian to an event to have the document witnessed by an organizer/admin, you may have it witnessed by a notary. Notary representatives can be found at most USPS Postal Service offices, banks, and other government institutions.

The above forms should be signed and completed at or before attendance to your first U2F2 event.

Once you have completed one or both of the above forms (depending on which are applicable) you will be covered for any and all U2F2 related events in perpetuity (i.e. all future events).