COVID Self-Reporting

Self-Reporting Form

The COVID Self-Reporting form is designed to ensure community safety. If you have tested positive or reasonably assume you may have COVID, reporting this to admins can help us inform other community members who may have been exposed at events. Your identity will be known only to the admins and you will remain completely anonymous to the rest of the community. The only information we will share to the community as a result of a self-report is where and when a potential exposure occurred. 

Please fill out the self-reporting COVID form if you have tested positive for COVID-19 AND have recently attended any U2F2 meets/events.

COVID Self Reporting Form

The button below will take you to a Google Form.

Example Report

This is an example of an announcement we will make to the community once we receive a COVID self-report from a community member.

As of [date] at [time (mountain)], we’ve had [number] positive COVID cases reported by the community.

At time of test:

  • Event(s) where the exposure occurred.
  • Date(s) where the exposure occurred.
  • Number of attendees who tested positive.
  • Number of symptomatic; asymptomatic reports.
  • Booster status (example: All were fully boosted and more than 2 weeks out from their booster shot).
  • Contact tracing app usage (Example: 1 using contact tracing app; 2 did not use).

While we won’t break down every positive case, we summarize at which events the COVID-positive community members were in attendance, for example:

  • U2F2 Events/Activities
  • Social/Attendee-organized Events/Activities


Please note: even if we had 100% accurate information and all 100% was given promptly, there may still be cases that go undiagnosed or unreported. Please exercise caution, and follow CDC recommended guidelines. We know we can count on you!


If you test positive within 10 days of any U2F2 events:

  • Report your test results to us using our self-reporting form (link above)
  • Use the UT contact tracing app to report your positive test result so others can be notified as well


After attending U2F2 events:

  • Keep an eye on our social group chats, announcements, or other contact methods! We’ll send at least 1 update to attendees regarding any positive COVID cases.