Welcome to the U2F2 Elections page

This is a centralized resource for all admin election related happenings and procedures.

Rules and guidelines

You can review the full list of U2F2 community rules and guidelines (including the standards to which admins are held within the community).


What are the eligibility requirements for U2F2 adminship?

Any member in good standing within the group is eligible to run for the position of admin at the time of an election. Members that have a Level 2 warning or higher recorded against them at the time of election are deemed as not being in good standing and thereby are not permitted to run for adminship. Members with a Level 1 warning will have votes detracted from their total count once election voting has closed.

The election process

What are the steps in the U2F2 admin election process

Step One


  • Anyone can nominate another member who is in good standing to become an admin.
  • You cannot nominate yourself.
  • Each nomination must be seconded by another member of good standing, in order to be officially entered into the election.


Important note: In previous years and election cycles (including this most recent one), nominations and endorsements have typically been conducted on the U2F2 Facebook Group. This was because for a long time, the Facebook Group was the only platform with the correct set of features to conduct the nomination process and confirm participant membership and eligibility. However, we would like folks to know that for future election cycles, we will be moving the nomination and confirmation process entirely to Telegram. More specifically, our Telegram Announcements Channel, which now has the functionality to confirm community membership and allows members to nominate, tag, comment, and confirm candidates.

How it will work: When the election announcement is made, Telegram users and members of our community will be able to reply to the announcement, tagging and nominating other members, as well as being able to subsequently confirm those nominations in the comment thread.

Step Two

Opening Statements

  • All qualified nominees are welcomed to write up or submit a video (or audio clip) up to 3 minutes long for their opening statements (who they are, what they think they can do for the group, future goals, etc.). This opening statement/introduction is published to this page (see below).

Step Three

Open for candidate Q&A

  • Questions are submitted by the community. An admin will then review the questions submitted and narrow down the best ones to present to the nominees. The nominees will then respond to all questions in a written format. The Q&A form is available on this page (see below).

Step Four


  • A poll is then created for members to cast their votes on for 1 week.
  • Only members of the group and local Utah furs can vote. Any other votes will be dismissed.


In the case where there are multiple candidates: The adminship will be granted to the candidate who has the most votes. In other words: the popular vote winner becomes the elected candidate.

In the case where there is only a single candidate: The voting becomes a ‘Vote of Confidence.’ In other words, members vote either “yes” or “no” to the eligible candidate. A “yes” vote indicates you have no objections to the potential candidate.

Step Five

Election Results and Induction of Candidate

  • At the conclusion of the week-long period of voting, a winner will be announced to the members of U2F2.
  • The new admin’s duties will then commence on the 1st of the next month.

Meet your candidate

Take a moment to get to know your potential adminship candidate

For this election cycle we have one confirmed election candidate.


Hello! My name is Jason, but you can call me Jaye. I’m a Smilodon, which is a type of saber tooth cat. My fursuit of him will be arriving in August. I have a second fursona of a wolf named Wysp, who I have a suit of, which many of you have seen. I have been a member of U2F2 since January 2023, but I have been a fan of the furry fandom since early 2020. Since joining the fandom I have attended many events, getting to know many of other furs. If I haven’t gotten the opportunity to know you yet, I hope to get to know you soon. I enjoy helping others, the outdoors, and having fun. I’m a hard worker, a team player, very sarcastic, and am supportive of everyone!

Since joining the fandom, I have wanted to be a bigger part of it. While helping out with the preparation for the Pride Parade, and talking to Kayo, I felt that this opportunity to become an admin for U2F2 was something I couldn’t pass up. I want to help this community thrive, grow, and prosper.

What are my qualifications to become an admin? I am a goal oriented, kind hearted, hard worker. I put 110% of my heart and soul into whatever I am passionate about, and I don’t give up easily. I have experience as a leader and an organizer, and know that my skills will be valuable to continue the legacy of this amazing community. I am a dependable person, who is willing to put forth hard work, sweat, and tears to create an environment of inclusion, enjoyment, and fun! I work well with others, and enjoy making and being friends! I have a willingness to learn and grow from the activities, and meets that I participate in or create, and am willing to learn from my mistakes to make things better the next time! I know I have the necessary qualifications and skills to be a strong leader, admin, and friend to this amazing community.

I want everyone who is a participant in the fandom to feel loved and supported. My goal is to keep this community open, loving and accepting. I want people to know that if they aren’t able to make it to a meet, to know that they are still loved, and to try to get them to the next one! I want to create opportunities for us to get to know each other better and to keep this community strong. I am open to your ideas and am willing to work with you!

I hope you are willing to consider me as your admin, and if you have any question feel free to message me @JayeWysp on Telegram.

Questions and Answers

A series of questions asked by the U2F2 community for the candidate.

What examples of previous experience do you have as a leader, or in organizing and planning events?

I have been an assistant manager at one of my previous employers, as well as at my current employers. When we have new employees I help train them and get them adjusted to their new job. I feel like I am really good at communicating with others and letting them know of upcoming events. I have helped put together potlucks at my current job, as well as I have helped organize and set up family events held in various places. My extended family is very big, and I have helped find places to hold the events, as well as assign people roles, in bringing food or items to the gathering. I am a very organized person, and I know that that skill can be very valuable to this fandom!!

Do you have ideas for any new events you might want to start for U2F2?

I have had a few ideas come to mind for events. Recently me and a few friends I have made from this fandom tried out mini golfing in fursuit. We all had a really good time, and I think it would be a fun thing for people to do when it’s a bit cooler. We weren’t there to see who would win, we were there to enjoy ourselves and talk! I have talked with another friend of mine, and they suggested we could try to do an arcade night. I would go around and contact places to see if they allow suits, or any type of fursuit apparel. I think it would be a fun activity. Those are the one I have looked at and experimented with, and I know I will come up with more (ideas) in the coming days!

There are many skills to being an admin, and some are better at certain skills than others. What skill do you think you’d be best at?

I feel like I am very personable, and dependable. I am a hard worker who puts 100% into what I believe in. If I want to get something done I will do it. You can reach out to me if you want to talk, or message, and I will be there ready to listen and help in any way that I can. I want to be a friend to everyone! I want to be someone you can count on to be there for you. Though I am a bit newer to the community, I can tell you, without a doubt, I am dedicated to the people of this fandom! I can communicate effectively, I can accomplish the tasks that are given to me, and I am willing to learn and grow from any mistakes that I make. I know I can be someone you can depend on!

How will you help to expand the reach of U2F2 to help grow the community, as well as involve new or interactive members?

I will help the community grow by putting myself out there, holding events, and being genuine. I know most of the big/main events are held towards the SLC area, one thing I want to do is hold some events in the Provo and Ogden areas, to help reach out to all the furs in those areas. I want everyone to be able to attend events, so that they can get to meet more people and have a good time. I hope that when new people start checking out the community, they will feel loved and accepted. I will definitely put myself out there to help them feel that way. I just want people to be happy, whether new, current, or former members, I want them to know that this community cares about them!

What do you currently do to keep tabs on the local furry community?

I keep tabs on the community here through Telegram mostly, as well as attending events and meeting people there. One of my goals is to be able to address everyone properly, either fursona name or real name, one on one, and remember their name. I feel like my memory is decent enough for that to happen. I want to reach out to more people and make them feel as welcome as I have, and talking with others, either through telegram, discord, or face to face, is how I can continue to keep tabs on this amazing community!

BONUS: What is your favorite part about the furry fandom and why?

My favorite part of the furry fandom has been the people. For years I have been very shy, and isolated. I didn’t have a group to fit in to. When I started looking into the fandom more in 2020 I started to feel like these are the types of people I would want to be around. When I went to my first event in January of 2023, I was nervous because I didn’t know anyone. But people came up and talked to me, and I felt so welcome and happy. Since then I have been to as many events as I can, getting to know other furs, and I can honestly say, without a doubt, I have found my people.


This link will take you to a google form where you can cast your vote of confidence for the candidate.

Please note: you will be asked to verify your membership to the U2F2 community (by either providing your Telegram or Facebook handle). All participants will be verified, and invalid or duplicate votes will be discarded.